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Paper Supplies

We carry paper supplies for your office.
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Foutch’s provides paper products for your business including toilet tissue, paper towels, dispenser hand towels, and others. We also carry forks, knives, plates, and similar items. We can deliver these products along with your coffee or water delivery. Let us save you from paying an employee to go the store and buy your paper products.
We also carry several trash liners including 12/16 gal clear or white, 33 gal black, and 55 gal extra large black liners. These come by the case usually 50-100 count. All liners are durable and the black liners are heavy duty.
We carry limited cleaning supplies but can order anything you might need.  Cascade dish washing detergent and soap for bathroom dispensers are a couple of the items we keep in stock. Please contact us if you need something specific.