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Highlands Natural Spring Water

The Highlands line is Foutch’s own brand of spring water. The water itself comes from a natural spring in Alabama that produces over one million gallons per day.  It is monitored and tested constantly and has been approved by the International Bottled Water Association. Please contact us if you would like further information.


Our spring is located in Big Wills Valley and produces in excess of one million gallons of
spring water per day. We have tested the spring extensively and have been approved as a
drinking water resource by Alabama Department of Environmental Management. We
have been approved as a Bottler by the Alabama Department of Health and by the Food
and Drug Administration. We maintain our own laboratory and do routine testing during
the bottling process. We also have an independent state certified laboratory that regularly
tests samples from the spring as well as from each bottling production. We are members
of the International Bottled Water Association and the Southeastern Bottled Water
Association. We are proud to have received the IBWA’s Excellence in Manufacturing
Award for the last five consecutive years.


The Highlands Spring Water source is protected by a multi-barrier approach, which includes source protection and monitoring, micron filtration, and ozonation. Our Spring Water passes through two filter housings and is then ozonated prior to bottling. The first housing contains 7 filters with a 1.0 micron rating. The second housing has 7 absolute filters with a .45 micron rating. This level of filtration protects against giardia and cryptosporidiuin contamination.

Ozone is oxygen (03 to be exact) which is bubbled -through the water just before it goes
into a clean, sanitized bottle. Within a few hours after the bottle has been filled and
capped, the ozone dissipates or converts back to the same form of oxygen that we breathe

Comes in 5 gal plastic.

Mountain Valley Water

The quality of Mountain Valley Spring Water begins with the natural spring source the company has utilized and carefully protected since 1871. No activities are allowed on the 2,000 acres of forest land protecting our watershed other than those relating to the bottling of our premium spring water products.

Comes in 5 gal glass, 1 liter glass, 24 oz, 16.9 oz, and 12 oz plastic.

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Diamond Spring Water

Diamond Spring Water is a spring water that is from Mountain Valley Spring Company. The spring is “over the hill” from the Mountain Valley Spring site and bottling facility. As the aquifer and spring for Diamond are different than Mountain Valley, it does have a different mineral analysis and, because there are similar geological characteristics in the region, the minerals are similar. Diamond has minerals including calcium and magnesium, which are common with Mountain Valley, in slightly lower quantities. As the Diamond spring source is connected to the bottling facility by a contiguous stainless steel pipe, it is “bottled” at the source.

Diamond Spring Water comes in a 5 gal plastic bottle.

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